Free recommended website testing tools

November 2022 edition

We have assembled a list of useful (and free) tools for you to make sure that your website or landing page works properly in different online conditions, and that potential users do not face technical issues when trying to access it.

Traffic scalability

Check if your website and server got the capacity to handle an increasing number of visitors by testing how your infrastructure handles concurrent connections.

A lot of marketing budget can be lost when users are redirected to websites that do not respond or crash, as a result of too many simultaneous requests (page loads).

Free solution -

Search Engine Optimization

Make your website ranks high on search engines and increase your chances of receiveing organic traffic. This is purely based on the content of your pages, as well as the structure of your links and HTML tags.

Free solution -  SEO Site CheckUp

Cross-device compatibility

See how your website appears on different devices and browsers. Comparing desktops, mobile phones and other devices, as well as different browser types and versions.

Free solution -

Website security

This tool will check your URL for known website and server vulnerabilities, and output a list of issues that can be fixed by you or your techincal partners.

Free solution - Expert E

Free solution #2 -

Geographic availability

If you are serving clients globally, verify the availability of your website in different countries, without having to use a VPN.

Free solution -  Uptimia



* We are not affiliated with any of the services above, and receive no incentives for publishing them here on our blog. We use these services ourselves and find them valuable, and for that reason, we wanted to share these with you.

If you believe there are better solutions, that are legitimate, free and valuable for website owners, please let us know and we will add them here under the corresponding category.

Happy testing!