Pay-Per-Click Ad Format

The PPC Ads format is here

Pay-per-click campaigns enable advertisers to get a more targeted traffic and more control over advertising budgets for a variety of verticals.

The pricing model for display ads is CPC (cost per click), which can be set in campaign settings page, and it guarantees that budget is spent only for visitors that saw your ad and decided to click on it.

Budget control

Control your daily campaign spend by setting a daily limit of funds that can be used for your campaign, as well as limiting your maximum cost per click. Higher CPC limit will prioritize your ads higher in the queue for display, which will result in more clicks, and vice versa.

Ad specification

Advertisers can create up to 5 ads per campaign and it is recommended to dedicate the time in order to create attractive ads that stand out.

Title - Up to 50 characters
Content - Up to 150 characters
Call to action text - The label that appears on the button of your ad. Clicking on it will redirect the users viewing your ad to your website
Image - Optional. Max file size is 1 MB and the recommended image size is 300x300 pixels. Animated gifs can be used as well. Supported file formats are jpg, png and gif.

Recommended banner sizes and proportions for maximal visibility:

Recommended banner sizes

Conversion tracking

Install the conversion pixel (link to guide) on your website in order to report successful interactions (registrations, sales and such), for better analysis and campaign optimization.

Conversions are connected directly to the original click time, therefore even if a visitor had converted days after initially coming to your website, this specific conversion will be updated for the original click time, making your campaign optimization more accurate.

Verticals for advertising

The platform supports both mainstream and adult verticals. A complete list of categories and verticals for the traffic is available in Campaign settings.

It is crucial to select the category and vertical that fit your business the most. In case you can't find a good fit in the list, feel free to contact us and perhaps we will make an addition to the list, or advise to select a different vertical which we believe will be a good fit.

What's to come?

In the near future, the following features will be added to the format:

  1. More verticals, based on advertisers' demand and feedback.
  2. More Geo targeting options.
  3. Macro variables that can be added to campaign URL (for better tracking).
  4. Publisher Zone blacklisting / whitelisting.
  5. Video ads support.
  6. Improvement of campaign configuration and targeting.

Easily report bad clicks

Simply let us know which clicks you believe are bad (by the attached tiocl parameter), and this will help us to allocate the source publisher and block if from providing additional traffic.

Let us know how it goes

We hope you will enjoy the added flexibility, and we're always open for feedback about performance, user interface and just about anything that comes to your mind which can be improved.